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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  March 22, 2011 7:00am-11:00am PDT

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a second of ncaa march madness with my multiview, only from at&t u-verse. just $29 a month for the first 6 months. dvr included. in the network there are no hard choices. >> mark: developing news out of libya, pilots hit the eject button is. we will give you pictures of the damage. >> darya: more problem in japan with the nuclear plant the kron 4 news at 7:00 a.m. starts now. >> this is the kron 4 morning news.
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>> mark: thank you for watching kron 4 morning news. a look at san francisco the calm before the storm. >> darya: think you for joining us. >> mark: at check gone bay area weather as the next storm comes in. james fletcher tracking the mall. >> james: we will do storm trucker for we have conditions that are okay, there are showers falling now, over concord and what great. it looks like a mere 242 this portion of 680 headed towards the benicia bridge not much more than like rain. it is dissipating quickly, in the south bay we see a cell through downtown, this is still awfully light. you might get more washing up from the car of
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review than the sky. tonight much more impressive. by 3:00 p.m. light rain, by your evening drive more widespread. moderate showers popping up by 7:00 p.m. the showers and identify it and see more areas of yellow growing here. your overnight hours is when this will get going and giving us more heavy cells of living around the bay. this will continue until wednesday morning, even wednesday this will give us rain. once it is done we have another system coming in thursday. here's a look at our highs this afternoon upper 50s, 59 in richmond, 58 in concord, 60 degrees in san jose. that is as warm as we will get. here is
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your wider satellite view, the storm system coming our way for tonight, another system right behind it is coming thursday, between the two we will get quite a bit of rain. we will have our rainfall total in just a bit. continue showers pointer was check, thursday, friday. saturday another storm bringing us right for that day, scattered showers continuing to sunday. we are in a wet weather pattern as we hit our first full week of spring. >> george: rain, wind, but no hot spots. good traffic conditions around the bay area. the bay bridge westbound, the volume is building at the bridge. still good ride, the slowdown began said the adb over cross. this is a metering lights back up. the san mateo bridge
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ride is problem free, the volume is there but the traffic is moving fruifreely. we mentionede on 80 leading down from the shore freeway, it is leading from macarthur maze from 80. this is headed towards the bridge. headed towards the benicia bridge, there is a report of an accident chp has a singular because the right lane will be blocked. --sig alert-- >> darya: thank you. >> mark: 25 homes are cut off
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after earlier landslide. this shows the slide as it happens. the rocks are coming down at blocking the road way. >> craig: rock and mud has blocked people off for $25. they found out way through that may not qualify as a footpath. a nearby creek is the best they can do right now. authorities say 25 homers and 57 people are affected. they are expected to have a plan to get their road reopened. the next couple of weeks will be hard to reopen because we have more in coming in. >> reporter: developing story. we have been telling you about the f-15 crashed near libya. now they say barack obama has kept informed, about the crash and
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the plight of the crew members. we have photographs here. i believe the first one is the one that is behind me right now, you can see people are gathered around the site as well. you might be able to make of the two wings. people are gathered around the wreckage, the good news the crew members that were on board are safe, back in american hands. they had minor injuries after ejecting from the aircraft. it appears this was an accident, the reason for the crash is the equipment malfunctioned. that is the latest. these pictures are quite boring. >> mark: the explosions in tripoli, libyan forces with anti-aircraft fire going into
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the air. they targeted the building to what about the ability to command and control troops. the three day assault on libyan air defenses has been successful. we have video to show you an attack on libyan civilians. this surfaced on let's go over to the next piece of video please. cnn has said they have not been and verify this. you can see the aftermath as that person picks up the camera. showing the scene right after. no information as far as injuries. >> darya: the latest on japan and what's happening there.
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workers reconnected power lines all units at the power plant that has a problem with the cooling. they do have power locked up, they are not using it yet but this is a significant step in agreeing that complex under control. they still need to check the equipment before they turn on the electricity. it will be days if not longer before the cooling systems can be powered up. 500 family members that left japan are arriving the bay area this morning. yoli is at the air force base to watch them. >> reporter: and our goal it touched down. you can see the tail of the plane here. this is them on loaded. all lot of tired faces but a lot of relieved faces. they finished in 13th
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hour flight. most of the passengers seemed to be children. there were car seats, and young children on board. a lot of mothers were relieved to see they got eight. desalt military welcoming the families. they were ushered toolroom where they are going through customs, going through coming back into the country appeared as soon as they go through all of that, they will be put into these chartered buses out here. you can see some of the stir buses waiting for them where from here they will go to motels. the whole community has pitched in and try to help with these families. they will be able to stay at some of the hotels nearby, they can collect
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themselves and see what the next step is. >> darya: are these all, or some military families? >> reporter: i ask the same question. the majority are, but not necessarily. it was anybody who found out about it and wanted to come aunt of volunteer basis leave japan. the army's no. is the one who provided this service and tried to organize the spirit trying to help. by alleviating some of the need instead of having them stay over there, try to get food, water, shelter they thought to bring them over here and try and help that way. >> darya: so some are military, some are private. i got you. are both planes and now? >> reporter: a second plane
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will come in at 9:00 a.m., this one came in at 6:00 a.m., travis has been one of the spots where they have been unable to unload people. there were other planes landed in seattle and washington. we have two planes over here total of 500 families. >> darya: so we will check in with you as we wait for the sec complaint. 7:11 a.m. back
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>> mark: the dow jones is down 15. >> darya: we will be back with more a couple of minutes and not go away. one of the big stories is the fate of barry bonds lies with the jury. today the jury
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>> darya: the federal perjury trial of barry bonds gets under way today with with the house chocopening statements. his frid will be brought in in call to the stand, he will refuse to testify. he will bihar and anbeo jail. yesterday chose 12 jurors and two alternates. mostly women eight women and four men. alternates are women as well. he is accused of lying when he told a grand jury in 2003 that he
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never knowingly use steroids. the trial is expected to last for weeks. lets take alive look around the bay to check out the conditions at 7:19 a.m. you can see blue sky, in looks promising. then san francisco on the james lick. and you think this they will be dry. >> james: and then you think let's break up the grill and barbecue tonight. don't do that. ! actually we don't come too much rain out there right now. it is east of pittsburgh. these things are not last long, like rain. and the south bay miners' shower activity in and down upotown area. this afternoon mio
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upper 50s, 57 san francisco, 58 in concord, 59 for that part of the bay in richmond. all in all that is pretty much it in terms of our afternoon. clouding up in advance of this low pressure system and our way. this will pack quite a punch here over night tonight and all day tomorrow. thursday we have another system for their back that will move in and take its place. two big days of major rain with scattered showers on either end of it. we will have up project of storm total for the entire week. you will see how much rain is expected from today all the way through friday. here just 70 forecast
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the weather is visible all the way into the weekend. our first break of a handful of days where weekend dryout maybe next week. 7:21 a.m. let's check on your ride with george. >> george: we watch the back up in the westbound commute the back up now reaching to west grand ave. again i one emphasize we have an incident free this is the meter and light back up. as it is it is pretty nasty. 880 is hardly back up at all indicative of how light the traffic is. 92 looks good, as you can see no problems as you head westbound their ride on the right hand side of your screen looks fine, no problems there. do we have will tran said shot here? yes we do. 880 as you head north
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through downtown leading up towards oak street as you can see, although it's an intermittent shop, you get a sense the you are moving at the speed limit. san jose traffic is starting to bogged down as you lead up towards the expressway. this is guadalupe parkway it is backed up as you try to get from 87 onto 1 01. in looks like we have more whether for you now. >> louisa: we are tracking a series of storms to let you know how much will it will rain to expect over this week. by this evening we will get more than a quarter of an inch in san rosa, also south of san jose. as you head into your wednesday morning rain is expected to pick up. about 6:00 a.m. we will pick up the boaabout .75 said rosa,p. bd
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have more than 2 in. of rain in some spots through the napa valley, san rosa, san jose. and where there is rain there is snow. when we come back we'll have snowfall totals.
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>> louisa: here is solaall lookt the winter storm warning. we have one and the fact through friday. a lot of snow expected to the sierra. snow levels down
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to 3,000 ft., 1-2 ft. of snow but the 7,000 ft. level. we're talking about heavy snow and gusty wind. the possibility of avalanches up in this era of next week. up been heavenly that fresh powder. and the real out there.alpine meadows and 30 in., kirkwood 27 inches. >> mark: pg&e miss the deadline to turn over the paper work they were unable to produce 97 percent of it. some of the documents will not be available until the end of the year they previously stated they could find pg&e a million dollars today. >> darya: lawmakers are trying
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to delay nuclear power plants liechtenstein. to get a true picture of the risk posed by earthquakes and tsunamis. they? there utilities has been dragging their feet. the have applied to renew the license. they expire and 20-242020, 2024 california gets a total of about 12 percent of our power from these plants. 7:28 a.m. back with more viable of minutes.
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♪ [ child ] the train is now arriving. [ male announcer ] the train has arrived indeed. amtrak guest rewards members earn up to triple points this spring. details at >> james: we are back. >> darya: is we are were in the
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weather center we just went around to see a good training. is that we do all day? >> james: well u.s. to zoom in to see along highway 4 towards spitsbergen's his cell, not all that heavy. we have some moderate shore activities but it probably will continue to move east. earl around the south bay that cell that was over campbell is starting to break apart. so that one fizzled out before got to worry needed to go. we are seeing some shower activity through the bay bridge, oakland may be seeing some of it is well. again this like chartres is going to dissipate before noon. the showers will come this
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afternoon, that is part of the storm system we have been waiting for. by 2:00 p.m. light showers from the bay, by three it is more intense, but by 79 intent shark begins to grow. by 11:00 p.m. we are dotted with yellow some light red spirit it will be very a wide through tomorrow. that is of forecast it is a cold one, and a windy one. this one will pack a punch if we gusts up to 46 mi. an hour from the mountain ranges are run the coast. we expect to see down limbs or tree spirit your afternoon highs upper 50s from the most part, 58 concord, 59 in
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oakland, or more in the south bay. for most of us we're looking net upper 50s. the storm today, thursday, all lot of rain and a short amount of time with the grounds that saturated i wouldn't be surprised if we saw some local flooding. let's send it over to george and check your ride. >> george: backed up to the end of the mccarthy mace. back in up on the approaches three westbound ride as you can see no problems across the span for your trip inbound, the delays are at the toll plaza and malfunction of the metering lights. the san mateo bridge no
7:34 am
delays here us move the trip in the westbound direction, eastbound towards a word is a good ride as well. headed to the sierra chain requirements and affected a on 80 u.s. 50, i way for between arnold and mount re- bath. an update from the kron 4 newsroom. >> reporter: the f-15 jet that crashed we have found out president barack obama when has been traveling but he has been kept informed. let's show you some pictures of the crash men are standing to see. there are a lot of people gathered around. both crew members are safe, back in american hands. they were
7:35 am
ejected from the aircraft before crash, an equipment malfunction so it appears to be an accident. it is good to know the people on board were able to get it before it crashed. you see people standing on top of this jet that crashed in libya. >> darya: more explosions and were here occurred in libya. the explosions families from a compound bolometer to gaddafi. the scope of coalition military tax is narrowing with the focus shifts a day on the no-fly zone. the three day assault on libyan air defenses has been largely
7:36 am
successful. >> mark: out of japan workers reconnecting power lines and out of all units at the plan right now. they were concerned here about overheating on the fuel rod pool. they were concerned more radiation was leaking to have brought the temperature down now. you can see this team that was coming up. they have not turn the power of even though it is connected. they have to check the palms and the motors before they can turn on a the electricity. the official death toll has now climbed, 9100 dead, 13,500 still missing. hundreds of americans are getting out of japan and many
7:37 am
arrive this morning. there from the bay area, they arrived at travis air force base. yoli is live this morning. has there been a change in the flight? >> reporter: the flight has been postponed, they don't expected until noon or 3:00 p.m. no reason as to why, but they got word it was pushed back. they did have one flight that came in at 6:00 a.m. let me show you some video of them unload and. most of the serb military affiliated, you their their spouse was in the military or theand come back
7:38 am
home. to their visiting with family, they are and what they're calling customs, going through go from here. they wanta surly stay in the bay area, some of them want to go home. maybe down south or somewhere else. they came here, they will regroup and go where the need to go. >> darya: 7:38 p.m. we will be back a couple moments.
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>> darya: in the oakland hills, thornhill drive remains closed.
7:42 am
rocks and mud came down with heavy rains and winds. impassible now so they have to figure how to fix it. people live in that area say they have seen small slides before but nothing like this. people can walk by on the roadway, one hillside is not safe. once it is safe for the cleanup can begin. >> mark: yosemite has been closed to the public right now, last weekend's storm has downed trees and power outages. 200 visitors were the air evacuation as you see the heavy snow that fell in 24 hours. they're not sure when the roads will reopen. this section of 101 was closed last week when you see that collapsed. in the closure will
7:43 am
be through mid april, they have awarded the to and half million dollar contract to in oakland company. they are in charge of stabilizing roadway. this closure rounds from north of big sur to 15 south of carmel. we will be right back. reconnecting power by a
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260 units. a significant staff in trying to bring the, your control. workers have to check motorists and their equipment before they can turn them on. it could be days before the systems are working. >> darya: 25 homes are cut off because of a landslide appeared there is no hazard to the resident, but they are stranded. the only access road is impassible. they have to figure out today with the engineers how to cleared out and picks it up. >> james: we are tracking your forecast, wet weather headed our way. all little bit off the coast, light shower in san francisco itself near the
7:48 am
macarthur maze. light stopped following there, seeing a bit of rain falling along highway 4. that's what happens right now with that. we are tracking light showers and the south bay. it is dissipating and some of it not reaching the ground appeared temperatures right now, not bad. in oakland 45 in san jose, santa rosa coming in at 39 degrees, we expect things to warm up now that the sun is kic0 p.m., the rain bills at 5:00
7:49 am
p.m., by 7:00 p.m. all the bay area seen a light rain and more moderate showers by 8:00 p.m.. by 11:00 p.m. you start to see the moderate showers bay area wide. this continues all the wednesday. wednesday will be a been a light day for us. thursday we have another storm system sitting behind us. thursday more rain, actually thursday store may be more intense. char's continue through friday, saturday, rain forecasted for that date and sunday rain as well. >> george: out of fairfield we have hot spot, an accident at march view, for while chp had
7:50 am
their right lane shutdowns will they clear the crash. they backed up traffic in the westbound direction, and now that the road way is cleared i don't think this will stay out too long. the rest of the ride looks good. so the 680 into pleasant hill. slowing as you head toward lafayette. so i have a sneeze there. it looks good towards every bill, no backup bordelais. repast berkeley kirk it will be heavy. san jose in the look at the ride 1 01 northbound still sluggish but moving towards an clara past zero hours great american parkway. >> mark: the college is opening
7:51 am
the simple blow campus again. all classes were cancelled since thursday morning when the outage began. 7500 students attend college their on weekdays. >> darya: you biggest reservoir continues to overflow. they do expect the spill over to continue through the rest of the week. before the storm the reservoir was 97 percent capacity water is being diverted down this bill way into a creek. some of that water will be ground water, most of it will be wasted when it flows into monterey bay. president barack obama 2 door of black america's ship stood off at the door today. it is his final start on a five day trip. he will deal with u.s. policy interest. but
7:52 am
last night it was about formalities, and niceties, where in chile they were welcomed and had a toast. some 50 2:00 a.m. back with more of a couple of minutes. blue skies over san francisco but not for long.
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>> mark: watching wall street giving back from yesterday's gains. watching storm tracker for right now, over and tell me that there is scattered showers before the rate picks up this afternoon. a bigger storm with a rain and wind this afternoon. >> darya: lindsay lohan father is arrested over allegations of holding his ex-girlfriend from
7:56 am
holding her against her will. he was booked into jail for false imprisonment and inflicted a corporal injury on the score for into the lives with. low hantavirus was taken to the hospitayou have heard of a baby. all the spice girls are pregnant. emma, baby speiss, it is expected to a baby in may, the victoria back come is due in july. all of the month pregnant are at the same time. >> mark: you look like to pock. producers about the late wrapper
7:57 am
is holding a open call. hbo says it is a miniseries about dick cheney in the works. the dollar to some as well as an glare the miniseries will trace his long career in washington. >> darya: some 50 7:00 a.m. will be right back. >> mark: we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. mt. tam in the clouds.
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what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along.
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>> darya: good morning we want to start this hour with the weather. we want to stir when the weather. >> james: by the middle of the
8:00 am
afternoon we will see the wind changes in the clouds build. right now we are ok. we seen on a whole lot going on around the bay at all. as we zoom and we see some return ts. at the bay bridge approach not seen a whole lot of water on the ground. this might be moisture it not getting into the ground appeared just know that as you make your way over that bridge. we had a the heavier cell near pittsburgh sitting over this area. that is where we encounter the lighter showers. watching cells throughout the morning but they are breaking up. all and all an easy ride make your way around. temperatures mid to upper 40's.
8:01 am
mid 30's in the napa valley, upper 30's into livermore valley. those are our cool spots this morning. we will warming up this afternoon, but this afternoon we will see the rain bill to. white shark activity coming and an advance of this storm system. by 5:00 p.m. more intense showers. by 7:00 p.m. we see the yellow popping up, by 8:00 p.m. heavy in the north bay. by 11:00 p.m. that's when we see water come out of the sky appeare. that's not the only ste system we are tracking. we have another one coming behind this one taking its place appeared to night and wednesday storm, the
8:02 am
thursday they come in rapid succession. look for the possibility alone global flooding in some urban areas and small streams and creeks as well. rain throughout the week and maybe even into the weekend. scattered showers on sunday. we will track it as we continue to follow the for test.forecast. >> reporter: pitchers out of egypt, the ministry building is on fire appeared we just got this live feed out of cairo, we just heard there were police officers protesting outside of the buildings. they were demanding salary increases from the government. protesters wanted health benefits as well.
8:03 am
seven floors of the interior ministry are on fire. people were inside the building, possibly still are. people are fleeing as we speak. this fire started 45 minutes ago, you can see flames coming out of their roof. there is word this building could possibly collapse. that is a threatening situation appeare police officers were protesting outside for better working conditions. i will keep you updated on the story live from the newsroom. >> darya: thank you, in libya since explosions, gunfire around the capital. the explosion seemed becoming near a compound belonging to gaddafi. they say they targeted the building to wipe out the ability to command in control troops. the three
8:04 am
day assault has been successful. take a look at this new video. it appears to be a video that just surfaced on, it was taken, cnn has not been able to verify. were not sure where it is or if it's legitimate. is on you to bring out. >> mark: new developments said of the japan workers have reconnected power lines, it is a significant step and try and bring power down to cool down the river heating reactors. --the over heating and reactors. it has now been brought under control. workers are
8:05 am
checking the pumps, motors, other equipment that was damaged. it is likely to be days, if not lager beer for the cooling systems can be powered up. the death toll now raised to 9100, over 13,500 are still missing in japan. within 500 family members to voluntarily departed arriving in the bay area, yoli is live. >> reporter: good morning, two hours ago they landed here. this is a video eyeshot of them on loading, you can see the majority of the people were actually children. it must've been a really long flight. khieu imagine traveling a 13 hour flight with children. i give a lot of credit to these moms. i got to >> to a couple of them. they said as far as the trip over
8:06 am
here, they all helped one another, really try to accommodate their children. doing pretty good. a lot of them are happy to be here, at the same time a little torn apart. they did not want to leave some of their friends, that they have back here. all of these people who voluntarily left their all military affiliated. either their active-duty members, from family, husband, civilians working for the military. somehow they're related to the military. this is why they qualify under this voluntary evacuation to leave japan. they're very torn apart. at the same time a lot of them decided to come because of their children. with things going on with the reactor, they don't want to take a chance. they just wanted to relieve some of the worries that their family members backed here at home were having about them. that's why a lot of them decided to come back. to take a break,
8:07 am
regroup, see what's next. a lot of the people who came here are not necessarily from the bay area, a lot of them are going to dallas, memphis, montana. a lot of different locations they will go. for now, they're going to get loaded on to these buses. they would get to a nearby hotel, they can refresh themselves, maybe spend the night. then move on to the next edition. mark? >> mark: we'll check back with you. >> darya: 25 homes are cut off after a landslide, but the video showing you >> reporter: . this is a challenging site. this is the source of the problem it block to block from 25 homes. they found a crude
8:08 am
way through, sure started there told me there's a long long by the tree, it's the best they can do. 25 homes, 57 people affected. they're expected to announce a plan to get the roadway open, with more rain coming the next couple of weeks could be difficult to reopen. in santa cruz, craig sklar, kron4 news. >> darya: we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. in live pete, we are waiting for some rain, more snow. there's a live look all the snow there anyhow, 5 ft.. looking for more we'll be right back.
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price guarantee. plus get access to the entire at&t national wi-fi network at no extra cost. [ woman ] with at&t, i'm surfing at hot spots all over town. ♪ i'm downloading music fast. and watching videos. cute! and the price is great. [ female announcer ] call at&t today and get the fastest internet for the price -- an amazing $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. plus get access to the entire at&t national wi-fi network at no extra cost. [ woman ] i went looking for a deal, and at&t delivered. now, i just need to curb the shoe shopping. ♪ >> mark: welcome back to the kron 4 news. what to will straight down 19, still just about the truck was unmarked. >> darya: we are waiting for the opening statements this morning in the federal
8:12 am
perjury trial of former san francisco giant barry bonds. the opening statements are stated for today, as well as what can happen with the personal trainer and friend craig anderson. the judge is expected to excuse the jury, bring him in, seri going to testify, here proles they know. and dissented jail. yesterday the jurors receded, they're a women, four-man, two women. these 12. he's accused of lying when he told a grand jury that he never leaked knowingly used steroids. if this trial is expected to last up the four weeks. >> mark: we'll be right back with terry and the world accordin
8:13 am
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(music) >> darya: hello gary. the warriors have liloss. they can't beat the spurs it's been like 13 years? >> gary: 1987. (laughter) >> gary: it's been over for about three weeks. >> darya: we have no action rain now why not? >> gary: and pick up the paper and see that, call of the san the reporter to every game when they quit traveling that means they gave up. >> darya: and does waiting for the rest of the tournament to finish. elaine news is the carriage there was fired. >> gary: big personality, you get caught cocaine may be made mistake. three times your little crooked. >> darya: 75-45 loss?
8:17 am
>> gary: that didn't help. try not to distract the team. until the season ends. when they got blown out that was the end. he probably would have done all the way. the prom with him is, supposedly the story goes he turned in another guy years ago. it was kicking in the midwest turned in an effort cheating. now discuss the biggest is everyone. >> darya: he had some sort of bar-b-que for a high school kids? >> gary: yes. he loved the attention. like a set, once you've established herself as untrustworthy it's tough to stick with it. particularly when you lose by 30. >> darya: like you always
8:18 am
look to say, if you're running you can do almost any the right thing. >> gary: we'll lose he's about to get rid of them. >> darya: we can talk about the marathon that happened in loss angeles, this sumo wrestler competed it he calls himself the fact died. he becomes the largest, heavy as person ever to complete a marathon. >> gary: did tuesday close of that? he is stopping near the end he barely made it. >> darya: but he finished, 9 hours 48 minutes. but for him not to hours better than his personal bests. he said i like to see them improve their marriage " by two hours. >> gary: it was really iranian l.a., this story i saw the police are saying we
8:19 am
been in here all morning we would like to go home. they say you can't because there's one dialect on the course. the police force, there regarding the streets had to wait till this guy finish. for those of us what a fabulous story there policeman sitting to get this guy off of here. can i go home. then he sat down on the curb a couple of times. it's inspirational will but i think it would be more when you're telling the story as opposed to living it. >> darya: i know you follow movies at the end of eufaula the arid scene, there is then exit do the gift shop that broad awareness of this, our general manager is incidents. here's the deal, he's very famous, in the dark of night, nobody knows serious, where he does his
8:20 am
staff. our will pop up in public places. it's fallible, it's cool. dmz, here is, they put that for everyone to enjoy. someone's removing them. you're to choke off the building taking it with them. the right to sell it or something? look at that. >> gary: i get along with brian real well, but i never tried to attract are with him. (laughter) >> darya: you don't like that charlie brown? >> gary: you're asking me to follow up what this early in the morning. hopefully they described the way brian likes it. >> darya: go watch the movie you will see. charlie sheen there's no more restraining order. >> gary: he was on jimmy campbell, jean walker on the show and kissed them all on
8:21 am
the lips. then he had a democrat, with an actual fox, he said here's my next move triggered out. >> darya: here to talk to fox, obviously that was a play. he's the one news said everyone is saying i should go big for my job, they will be biggy me to come to work. maybe he was right. >> gary: is it true did cbs offered that? >> darya: i heard the same thing. cbs got some back. i don't know. >> gary: all you wanted to do is play of that art story. >> darya: go watch the movie you'll get it. >> gary: if i don't get in the first five minutes. >> darya: exit did they give shop check it out. >> gary:
8:22 am
>> darya: ok there is no basketball you to watch a movie. >> gary: i will give it five minutes, i want someone singing, i won an attractive girl, i want to end. >> darya: i was something going out to bet. it's not happen. i guess you like that movie. will be right back. the internet on a plane! are you from the future?
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>> james: welcome back to the kron 4 news. and live look that said it san francisco, the clubs are moving at a pretty good rate. we have wins higher up not so much in the way of rain. we do have a cell just offshore. let's see if we can bring that out for you. we're tracking, if we zoom in, it is heading towards the peninsula. fairly the san rainfall rates. george? >> george: a big back up at the bay bridge not nearly as bad as yesterday and not
8:26 am
hotspot but certainly slow from before west grand avenue on the approach that is a slow ride to walnut creek. >> darya: in the mountains check this out, the reservoir continues to overflow. they expect that spillover to continue through the week. but for this storm it was fresher than 97% as it was during the pretty high water is being diverted around the dam. into a creek. some of them excess water will become groundwater but most will be wasted when it flows into the bay. >> mark: use them in the national park is close to the public because of last weekend's storm. highways 41, 120, 40 have all been closed their return to visitors in the park that have all been evacuated. the weekend storm dropped more
8:27 am
than 3 1/2 feet of snow officials are not sure when the roads will be reopened. a section of highway 1 is closed, looks like it will stay closed until mid april after the roadway crumbled into the ocean. they will stabilize was left of the crumbled roadway runs from just north of the community for about 15 mi. cells. >> darya: we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. let's take a live the debt side sunday san francisco but not all day we'll tell you when the rain gets on the way.
8:28 am
8:29 am
>> darya: live look at san francisco, clouds are closing in. >> james: those clouds will continue to build throughout the day fairly intense showers to begin tonight. right now just one little pop on storm tracker 4 will assume in its trolley offshore but it is tracking
8:30 am
toward the peninsula. just a moment ago we took a look at the darkest part the yellow part. that is falling about an inch per hour. it is tracking toward the peninsula, and this and that most of the bay area is dry. it is the system in the pacific where we're watching and following as it continues to close in. as it does we will see a building. this afternoon the first rains will begin to fall. about 2:00 we will see some light showers they get more intense by 5:00 p.m.. your evening-of home from work you will see some showers. more moderate showers began to build as he headed the 7:00 advancing to allay the clock. all of that will be making for some rather intense conditions tonight. 11:00 p.m. moderate-heavy rain falling. hit and miss
8:31 am
pocket the matter where you are you're going to get rain in one form or another. 1:00 a.m. wednesday still seeing moderate-heavy rainfall that will be the forecast that we send off through the day on wednesday. a second storm had better way. temperatures should get up into the '70s. 59 in fremont, south bay 69 degrees is where we expected to fall. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. that storm for wednesday which will arrive late this afternoon. as we go into thursday a second storm. friday's continuo all weekend. restorers. it is going to be a wet next few days. >> george: the walnut creek as 30 clear that on
8:32 am
southbound 680 and in walnut creek the backup which had extended to just north of the south main street of lamp is our starting to improve quickly enough that a looks as though this will wrap up before 9:00. you can see there ride is yellow indicating speeds to about 50 mi. per hour. and the westbound to four ride looks good service of about 6804 which was jim debt. bay bridge, it is a backup the reaches rate to less grant ave. once again, 80 is the best approach to the bay bridge. let's get an update from the newsroom. >> justine: thank you, developing story of cairo, lester you the video is on fire, we got this video about half an hour ago what we're hearing now is in
8:33 am
looks like for the protesters have set fire to part of this complex in downtown cairo. the video that you're looking huge plumese filling the sky. there was some protesters at said the building earlier in the day , this building on fire. seven floors did touch on fire, the building is threatening to collapse. i am trying to get new information, i will get you updated. back to you. >> mark: thank you, more explosions around the
8:34 am
capital compound belonging to libyan leader appears to be the target. they targeted the building u.s. military officials say the three day assault on air defenses has been successful. >> darya: the latest of the japan, workers have been able to reconnect the power lines to all six units. this marks a significant progress so they can cool the overheated complex getting it under control. they have not turned on the electricity because they still need to check the weather equipment first. this likely to be days if not longer before the systems can be powered up. hundreds of americans are coming back from japan voluntarily leaving to plan with the help of the
8:35 am
military. if yoli has been live at travis airport base she saw the first group come in. as a second group is coming in later this afternoon. >> reporter: let's show the video their magic coming off the plan early this morning around 6:00 a.m., the majority of the people on the plan or it actually children. that flight was 13 hours. i give these moms a lot of credit. as you mentioned, they volunteered to leave japan. on hearing the stories of what's going on you think that that would be an easy decision to do is ensure quite hard. as i spoke to one on her name was summer louis. she's a 20 month old baby, six months pregnant. she left her husband back in japan, he's a teacher on one of the navy bases. she explains to me why they came to that decision.
8:36 am
>> and not a military wife, i've never had to leave my husband before. but more for the peace of mind for our parents. i'd think they're more concerned than we are. both my husband and i felt very safe still being there. but if it gives our loved ones more peace of mind. then it's worth it. >> reporter: she plans to go visit her in-laws in dallas and then her own family over in vegas. she plans to be here for about four weeks then she's going to return back to japan. these buses, they are waiting for all of those other families to come out. they will dig into our tell where they can regroup, didn't i shower. president go on to their next destination whatever that may be. a lot of these families action comes from all over the united states
8:37 am
from montana, dallas. they're all going to try to get back home. >> darya: they still have more troubling to do. >> mark: as we follow the latest the spokesperson with the epa as saying it's like the air monitoring devices will show more radioactive isotopes coming from japan. the amount is three small and the public should not be alarmed. they're shown what the epa is doing and whether not the health conditions to be a concern. >> if you were to look at this question and how much is in the united states on a scale from 1-100 at the mall were not even know one. we're really at the very minimus lamp when you see it. all we remain vigilant taking a very precautionary approach we sent monitors out to climb which is they
8:38 am
would make sure that we protect. >> mark: that is available to the public, we will get a link on our website. >> darya: today will get to hear the opening statements on the federal trial. it is under way in san francisco, he's accused of lying to a grand jury. >> mark: the jury was seated pretty quickly and here we go. >> caller: , it will get very exciting. i go in this
8:39 am
morning, i would imagine that the judge will read them preliminary instructions beaning, she will tell the jury hears are your role is. what to look for in the credibility of witnesses. she'll probably read three-four pages of instructions. and then she will open it up to what we expected. >> darya: are you surprised that is a women, forthere is a , four-man, two women all to men. >> caller: it doesn't surprise me. i thought to have four alternates. you have to look for people that can spend four weeks of their life in a jury trial. not a lot of people can do that. >> mark: what happens today with the check out the
8:40 am
front, a trainer greg anderson? >> caller: i would imagine he would come in 11:30 a.m., at 8:30 a.m. she will read the instructions, opening statements will probably be half an hour-one hour. and then the defense will make their opening. then i believe should bring craig anderson in and simply ask are you willing to testify? he's going to tell her know. she's current is sent to jail for the length of this trial. keep in mind his 30 spend 13 and a half months in jail. that's more than anyone so far that's been charged for any of these steroids related cases. >> darya: his big high- profile attorney says he's done to prevent said he started spend that time what is yet to go again? >> caller: in a word note. it will fall on deaf ears.
8:41 am
i'm not sure mark is going to show up, known as another attorney, i'm not sure which of them will be there if not both. but believe me, she may give them the courtesy of listening. there will take all sorts of questions why is he doing this. >> darya: before we go, just in this time, tim z., it got right up in the lindsay lohan trial. all of this lead tech reporters are going to be on this one. remember the judge was actually sank how did these people get this information? dmz has everything?but, no tweet, no nothing. do you think that the info is going to leak? >> i doubt. to this jersey,
8:42 am
t m c maybe, he gets up a lot of the reformation. he gets it from witnesses, the police, someone is intimately involved. when the jets talked aboutbut, she's telling the jury, huge herds are not to do that. none of that jurors the slow, it will come from witnesses, the police, people that are intimately involved. that's how harvey get his influence. >> darya: do you think that hurts trials? >> caller: i don't think you're really hurts. if, i -
8:43 am
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>> justine: breaking news, this just into the kron 4 news, incredible video coming in from los angeles of a fire hydrant that has turned into a geyser. this is in malibu, this is rain near the moon shadows restaurant the last angeles county fire department is a trash truck backed into the hydrant it sent water gushing into the sky crews are working to
8:50 am
find a belt in the street but they're having trouble because of all this water. some this water shooting at 50-60 ft. in the air. it's on a major highway traffic is backed up for about 3 mi. in both directions. not only to help crews try and stop the water from flowing but this is something people really interested in as they are driving by. >> james: we're watching the weather appear in the studio. keeping an eye on the sky set aside weak u.s. and clouds rolling through. here's how it breaks down, sprinkles around the bay but not a whole lot clouds were built this afternoon it tonight in the overnight hours that the rain gets really heavy as the cold front pushes on through. we will assure you that in the
8:51 am
satellite first let's show you storm tracker 4 for we do have one cell of light rain headed toward the peninsula. you will see it's nothing too much going on is slowly approaching pacifica. once the fund reaches may be another sprinkle or two. it is this system of the pacifica slowly tracking towards the bay area. it will take most of the morning and into the afternoon before it finally gets here to-3:00 we will start to see some light showers. as they advance the clock your evening drive home we will see more moderate showers popping up. by 8:00, we have a lot more going on. the more intense as seems to come in. as the events that clock, late moderate heavy rain moving all over the bay will
8:52 am
continue like this well into the overnight hours. 3:00 a.m. even heavier showers the skin cells contain heavy rain it will be bay area ride. that will be your forecasts for wednesday. rain, or afternoon highs for today not bad upper 50s on par with yesterday. maybe a degree to cooler. upper 50s for oakland and san jose. mid-50s for livermore and a antioch. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. the rain or expecting will lead replaced by another system thursday it to taper off on friday. we have three stores to deal with between today and the weekend it will be a wet rag. >> george: as we check that drive and 800 a new hot spot a big rate accident in the
8:53 am
vicinity of 20 there blocking at least one of the right-hand lanes. backing up the traffic to the coliseum it looks as though that back up will continue to grow in what is typically slow traffic 580 not much of a good alternate it is pretty backed up there as well. bay bridge we've been looking at back up for the better part of the morning that is reached the rate to the berkeley cares. the 800 bridge is the best way to get to the bay bridge here red to san francisco continues to be pretty good one no delays on the inbounds central. it is a lighter than usual traffic for that ride as you join the rest of the system. we're getting word that there may be a delay on the muni metro inbound we will check on that. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:57 am
>> mark: authorities in los angeles say lindsay lohan's father has been arrested over and prevented her from calling 911. deputies were dispatched on a domestic violence call at 9 p.m. monday to michael lohan's apartment. the 51-year-old was booked for investigation of preventing a report of victimization, false imprisonment and infliction of corporal injury on a cohabitant, all felonies. bail is set at $200,000. authorities say the girlfriend refused treatment for minor injuries, but michael lohan was taken to a hospital after booking for a medical condition unrelated to the arrest. he has a history of arrests in new york over allegations of harassment from ex- girlfriends. >> darya: your heard the baby boom, this is the spice baby boom. all of the spice girls are pregnant at the same time. scary space, she is due in july. emma, the space. she will have a baby baby in may. and victorian bed tent, she is due in july. we don't know that
8:58 am
plan on starting the many spice girls. baby spice. >> mark: we will be back in two minutes as the kron 4 morning news continues. a live look cover san francisco, still a few scattered showers. we're waiting for the next storm.
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> darya: 9:00 a.m. the top stories at this hour in a landslide leaves residents of one neighborhood and able to get to and from their homes. >> mark: of libya, pilot the eject button after fighter jet goes down we'll have the latest. >> darya: workers have reconnected power lines to all six reactor units of the power plant in japan. the kron4 news and nine starts now. >> live, from the bay area's news station, this is the kron 4 morning news.
9:01 am
>> mark: thank you, for joining us on the kron 4 morning news, we're going to start of this hour with a look at the weather. we're waiting for signs of the rain. >> louisa: we of a series of storms rolling our way but it's really the later part of your day that we see really pick up. it will continue throughout the morning, you can see socked in, light showers if we do see any. heavy rain as we had overnight we could see some gusty winds especially in the mountain ranges. radar kind of showing you were getting some wet weather we are actually trying out the we have a cell sitting of storage sitting of a place like pacifica. we could pick the best use print goes in the next hour or so. right now satellite, radar shows a system expected to work its
9:02 am
way into our area overnight. we're noticing the heavy stuff move in over nine that we see a series of systems line up to the rest of the work week. plenty of rainfall and snowfall. future cast give me a time line of what we can expect showers in the north bay, to the napa valley. this afternoon we could see a few showers as we head into evening commute it could pick up a bit. as we head towards 8:00 we will continue to heavy downpours watch 11:00 notice all of these cells indicating moderate-heavy downpours over night we will certainly notice it will pick up in we will continue with active weather redundant your wednesday. expect your eyes to the upper 50s for santa rosa. 59 to places like
9:03 am
richmond, said bay topping an average around 60. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. pretty active licking each day this week brings wet weather, heavy rains, strong winds. wet weather continues into the weekend. >> george: look at the red on the freeway are hot spot is clearing up in the northbound direction better news for the red and 800 a big rig accident has been cleared from the freeway. although you can see it's pretty slow thankfully not read but even the alleged showing that means speeds drop below 50 mi. per hour. leading up towards this, that was the scene of the big rig accident that has been cleared from the freeway. bay bridge toll plaza we can start to see the end of the back up. a big improvement in the last 30 minutes. it was the one prime backed up towards the berkeley curve. san mateo bridge, the traffic here
9:04 am
looks great. dry pavement free ride east or westbound is the right side of your screen that was the commute direction the the commute is very much winding down. 9 of 4:00 a.m. let's go to the news room. >> justine: thank you, heret tot sarah at the interior ministry under control. this is video of that building when it was on fire. you can see the smoke, flames shooting out of the building. an egyptian security officers as police protesting those of the people responsible for setting the building on fire. it is located in downtown. there is some concern those police officers were protesting
9:05 am
better wages, working conditions. this is video from about an hour or so ago of the interior ministry building as it was on fire. seven floors were on fire. the building was turned into collapse. looking at live pictures, it looks like cruz to have this fire under control. >> darya: in other world news president barack obama has been formed in chile about the crash of the u.s. fighter jet in libya. as we've been telling you all morning this f-15 fighter jet crunch a u.s. official says both. the crew of an f-15 fighter jet that crashed in libya are safe and back in american hands. the official, speaking tuesday on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak on the record, said a marine corps osprey search and rescue aircraft retrieved the pilot. he says the second crew member, a weapon's officer, was recovered by libyan rebel forces and is now in u.s hands. the crash occurred after what the military says was an equipment malfunction. more explosions, you can see them in the night sky they seem
9:06 am
to become in their compound belonging to gaddafi. they targeted the building to wipe out some of the region's ability to command it controlled the troops. the three day assault has been successful. >> mark: the latest set of japan and workers have reconnect power to all six nuclear reactors this is the first of the beginning step of bringing the compounds under control workers still need to check the pumps, motors, the other equipment that was damaged before they can turn the electricity back on. it could be days or locker before compart up. japan's meteorological agency is urging people to be alert of powerful aftershocks. 14 aftershocks of magnitude 5.1 or higher. the strong this was a 6.6. the version of around 11:15 a.m. the second two hours
9:07 am
later. these aftershocks are stronger than the earthquake that level christchurch, new zealand. the death toll stands at nine dozen 100, 13,800 are still missing. officials believe that the final figure will likely exceed 18,000 deaths. >> darya: more than 500 americans are getting ahead of japan today, half of them arrived earlier this morning. yoli was there when they got there. this led to continued their journeys from buses, maybe plans are elsewhere. they don't necessarily lived close by. >> reporter: a lot of them live across the country this is a charter bus, they will take a lot of those people to lease to a nearby hotel where they can refresh themselves before they move on to their next journey. this is city of them coming off the plane earlier this morning. you can tell the
9:08 am
majority of the passengers were children. it was a pretty trying trip for a lot of these moms. they were a category one so that to got to get on this plan mothers, the children get an 13 hour flight. i spoke to a woman by the name of mary, she's a secretary administrator for the navy, she had an 19 month old baby and she has a new born. even though was hardly had to do it. >> we a lot of friends. of course they can't come. we wanted to pack everyone is dead ends need them over. it was hurt. it were deathly thinking about them. --we were definitely speaking at the >> reporter: sheila's 15 0
9:09 am
mi. away from the reactor that when she left, she saw the black smoke, that's really what the deciding factor that we have to leave, we don't want to take any chance of radiation in the air. travis airport are is accommodating her to go to memphis tennessee where she's looking forward to lanais barbequed chicken. >> darya: we still have that other flight that's coming in sometime this afternoon? >> reporter: that is right. between 12, 3:00, you can expect to be tutored 40 passengers on that. still no word as the current be the same as this. a lot of moms come children. the plan is to 40 passengers. >> darya: thank you, 9:09 a.m. back with more couple of minutes.
9:10 am
9:11 am
9:12 am
9:13 am
>> mark: welcome back to the kron 4 news. the dow is down 10, s&p then 2.5 nasdaq down five. we will fall the latest as the kron 4
9:14 am
9:15 am
9:16 am
>> darya: welcome back to the kron 4 news. now, here is a look at the weather. >> louisa: we're catching a bridge of the prairie grain now, looks like we're not done with the showers. we're watching a cell just working its way toward the peninsula we could pick up a few showers in the next hour or so. we're expecting the first premier duripart of your o be a bit dreier we do have a storm warning kicking in tonight all the way until about 5:00. snow levels are fairly low. even down to 2,500 ft. and parts. we could see anywhere from one-
9:17 am
2,000 ft.. with all this heavy snow, strong winds there's a possibility of avalanches out there in the sierra. by about 2:00, a few sprinkles and the afternoon, intensity level picks up you'll probably need your windshield wipers were evening commute. widespread showers rid around the bay, by about 11:00, all of this yellow indicates moderate-heavy downpours he certainly notice that intensity level pick up. we'll continue this active weather rate through your wednesday-thursday series of storms expected to continue to roll on in. rain now the storm system we're watching is expected to impact the bay area over night tonight. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. not much change for this wet weather. rain, wind continued to thursday added
9:18 am
to the weekend. --and into the weekend. >> george: still tracking and then limits as a hot spot. one of the costing factors may have been some debris in all lanes around 20 spirit. traffic is still backed up from before the coliseum on 80 in the northbound direction let's take you over to richmond and take a look at the ride just off the richmond parkway. it ended up in a ditch, that they attracted, this is their barracks i drive is just a block east in knocked out one of the lights along the richmond parkway weak u.s. and traffic control in effect there. bay bridge toll plaza you can see the end of the back up is no longer a problem as you head westbound towards the upper deck there's still a pocket to of slow and go traffic.
9:19 am
>> mark: santa cruz, 25 homes are cut off from an earlier landslide we have you to video to show you of the slide. craig sklar is in scotts valley he joins us now with the latest. >> reporter: a landslide shut up the road in the 25 homes on the other side you can see its barricaded on the other side it happened late monday morning. they're no closer clearing it out, it will be a challenge to get this setup the way. were talking about heavy rock and a lot of it. authorities say they will have to wait until it stabilizes before doing anything. >> we're waiting for an assessment tool that is now ever attempted to move it or let stabilize. >> reporter: for the 57 people living up here this
9:20 am
fall footpath is the only option. they made themselves. >> we have one car outside better word for all the people of the elk, some of them are elderly, some may have medical issues. i was the to get out. >> reporter: authorities say the rain is likely because and with more rain to come solving it will be a major challenge. >> darya: we want to show you what they're dealing with over here where this landslide happens. this is in the oakland hills, it is close to this morning engineers how to figure out what to do to assess the damage. heavy rains, harsh winds are what knocked down and push down the rock and mud the left the road impassable. people have seen small slides but never anything like this that has blocked a road to traffic, cars, once the hillside is
9:21 am
safe the cleanup will begin. santa cruz mountains continues to overflow. they're four and three- quarters inches of rain over the weekend they expected to continue throughout this week. before the storm it was 30 at 97 percent capacity water is now being diverted around the dam into a creek. some will become ground water but most of it will be wasted when it flows into the bay. >> mark: two wild fires occur forced evacuations, it is chairing 1002 undertaker's west of golden. it is only 15 percent contained. a light dusting of snow fell on tops of the hills but the weather has been mostly working against firefighters. more strong winds are in the forecast and that's as high as 75 mi. an hour. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. a live
9:22 am
look here at the bay bridge toll plaza still a bit of a back up in the cast lanes.
9:23 am
9:24 am
9:25 am
>> mark: chain requirements on 50, 80, 88. 3 >> darya: and jerry brown released to message about the budget deficit when he urges the public to ask lawmakers to let the voters decide whether to extend the income, vehicle, sales taxes that are supposed to expire. legislative leaders began a new week of negotiations with optimism even though they admitted there has been little progress so far. >> mark: a new poll coming out fines california voters favor brown's opinions after
9:26 am
his first month in office. 21 percent disapproved, nearly one-third have no opinion. democrats, independents view him unfavorably only 25 percent approved. the poll was conducted by phone. >> darya: we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. let's take a live look here are a big r i g ran into a power pole.
9:27 am
9:28 am
>> darya: 920 we can see what you've been telling us people wake up and say it's not so bad and now we can see it. hosni haddington the afternoon, the evening you love is the activity picking up. rain now looks like a
9:29 am
few shells are picking up. you can see that such as sitting offshore expected to push on into the peninsula. we can refuse sprinkle the next hour or so. it will be a bit different as you head towards the later hours. look how long it allows tell. 5:00 in the morning on friday. this is a long series of storms reducing quite a bit of snowfall. so the snow level is expected to be pretty low. drop down to about 2,500 ft. we're talking 1-2 ft. of snow you could see even a foot below the. heavy snow does create the potential to see avalanches out there certainly a concern. future cast out for 2:00 show you sprinkles. we'll continue to see that wet weather reagan
9:30 am
to the evening it looks like you'll probably need your windshield wipers expect some wet roads up there. eight-9:00 now is the intensity level much different. moderate-heavy downfalls. this will continue right anterior wednesday pretty active forecast for a good portion of the week. a series of storms is mine debt. the latest system is expected to impact your area overnight. right now it looks like your temperatures in the afternoon mid-upper 50s. napa, fairfield, san francisco. temperatures flirting was 60 degrees and 0 clint. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. we don't touch my juror break in fact get ready for heavy rain, strong winds. >> george: still tracking
9:31 am
the nets as hot spot in this thread and 800 through oakland. it's still backed up almost into san leandro. plenty of red showing it's not unusual to have heavy traffic but it has been exacerbated by this degree field. that might have caused our accident. it is no longer on the freeway. that's what really backed up the traffic. we've been talking about problems in richmond. this is just off the richmond parkway, this big rate rent of their roadway in looks like it took note of least one car parole. >> reporter: the driver took the turn of little to ride, he smacked of the power pole knocking off power to this part of trustees of richmond. and knocked out power to several customers including folks over on the richmond parkway. it will be a little
9:32 am
while the good news is no one is hurt. a look at the right here and interstate 680 it was a hot spot earlier this morning. it is now light traffic through and out of the creek. we mentioned there were some match for delays. it was a medical emergency that took place, it did delay a few trains for while. it has clearing out. >> darya: the latest on what's happening at the power plant in japan. workers at recollected the parliament. he marks a significant step, they will not have electricity yet. it is likely to be days if not longer a before it aken be powered off. in the
9:33 am
meantimes there are americans leaving japan flying into the u.s.. how far trickier this morning. this is a chartered military flight there'll be another one this afternoon. they met with about as he heard right to help them with travel arrangements so they can move on to where they need to be. we spoke to one passenger. >> on not a military weather of never had to leave my husband before the more for the peace of mind for parents. i think they're more concerned than we are. i personally felt very safe still being there. but if it gives our loved ones more peace of mind than it's worth it. >> darya: now the first flight arrived early this morning. the next one is delayed so it should be
9:34 am
sometime between the in-3:00 p.m.. >> mark: two crewmembers were rescued after their fighter jet crashed. the mission part of the attack is now in its fourth day of operation. samantha has the latest. >> officials say it was a mechanical failure that caused a e jet to crash in an opposition controlled area. pilots and weapons officer were ejected safely. it was based that of england to reminiscent to weaken the leader. the leader says gaddafi and declared a ceasefire is fighting rebels in the key city. our boys it's very hard. the retired general says it would take more than air strikes to remove him from power. this is about the departure you
9:35 am
don't do that the no-fly zone. >> reporter: the best majority if not nearly all casualty's have been inflicted by gaddafi. most of our targets are isolated. not populated areas. united states said they would like to hand over leadership, it is unclear who would then take the reins. >> darya: the federal perjury trial of former san francisco giant barry bonds resumed an hour ago. his former trainer and best friend to will not say a word. yesterday the chair is
9:36 am
that jurors. bonds is accused of lying when he told a grand jury that he never knowingly took steroids. the trial is expected to last up to four weeks. legal analyst is a quick time line of how the trial will play out. >> adm reading the instructions, opening statements will probably be half an hour-one hour. then, the defense will make their opening. then i believe she will bring craig anderson in and simply ask are you willing to testify in this trial. he's going to tell her know. she will send him to jail for the length of this trial. keep in mind his 30 spend 13. of five months in jail that's more than anybody who's been charged for any of this terror raid related cases. >> it said that the jury would not be present when
9:37 am
the judge decides what to do with creek anderson. then the trial will proceed >> mark: . we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. here's a live look from walnut creek, conditions in the creek 680 north and southbound moving smoothly. a little sunshine popping out.
9:38 am
9:39 am
9:40 am
>> darya: welcome back to the kron 4 news. faced with fines and other additional months to verify that its pipelines are being operated at safe pressures. some documentation won't be available until the end of request for leniency it filed with the puc on monday. pg&e missed the march 15 deadline, the fines could exceed $1 million a day. jared loughner there is going to undergo a mental, but see exam. that still decision but that judge is said this evaluation will take place at a facility in
9:41 am
springfield he's the one the police say an open fire in january in tucson shooting and killing six people injuring 13 including congresswoman gabrielle giffords. >> mark: a quick break, the latest on bay area weather rate after the break here's a live look from 267. there roadway is covered in snow.
9:42 am
9:43 am
9:44 am
>> darya: welcome back to the kron 4 news. waiting for the next round of rain as we watch strong tracker. now, here is a look at the weather. >> louisa: here's our shot of san francisco pretty nice just a few clouds hanging on sawfish hours earlier this morning we're not done with the showers as we head towards the end of the day really expected to pick up. in the next 30 minutes or so a few pops wrinkles. the heavy rain was an overnight.
9:45 am
especially along the coast. we'll start chocolate that radar. we do have a cells and not sure it could produce some stars in the next hour or so. showers. we're going to storm warning in effect until 5:00, this will be a long stretch of what weather and snow for this era. snow levels getting down to 3,000 ft. to get down to about 2,500 ft.. lots of snow. one-to feed expected above 7,000 ft.. heavy snow, wind, a couple together could actually create some avalanche, so there. that is a concern. future cast, sprinkles the the north bay, evening commute everyone is in for a few sprinkles. the intensity level picks up in the later hours. 11:00, watch is the intensity picks up, heavier
9:46 am
downpours. down along the peninsula even done it to the south bay. pretty active looking forecast, we will continue with the wet weather it clear wednesday, thursday ended a series of storms lined up to rolland through producing some wet weather we could see more than a couple of inches in some spots. all of that snow expected to pile up in this era. by the afternoon our highs in the '50s. about 59 degrees to richmond, 57 in downtown san francisco. subspace 60 degree reading. 59 and fairfield, here is a look at your 7 day around the bay.. heavy rain, strong winds and the pitcher. wet weather continues. george? >> george: still tracking a hotspot the drive to oakland, northbound willets improving it is still backed up. there is a break right
9:47 am
around high street, closer to the coliseum its lows all the way to 980 still pretty heavy as the lead toward the coliseum. we have still been tracking this big break accident and richmond, this is just off the richmond parkway which you see in the background where traffic control is an effect because of a signal light that got knocked out by this reckoning the power pole as it turned the corner to a wide. bay bridge road plaza it'd been a rough ride early this morning it clear they're almost completely another some more sluggish traffic but not much. just a short wave from well before the end of the east parking lot. mark >> mark: question they plan to reopen in san pablo today five days after a power
9:48 am
added to force them to cancel all causes. class's have been cancelled since last thursday there are over 10 dozen students attend classes at the san paolo campus. following the latest 77 the were the first time in well over a decade the entire park is closed. there were mud slides, downed power lines highways 41, 120, 140 have all been closed. the weekend storm dropped more than 3 1/2 feet of snow and just 24 hours. officials are not sure when the rats will be reopened to >> darya: . strong winds are the reason the least 12 but broke loose from their docks. this one ran up running aground in to run. the coast guard has put things to go to so they could keep their fuel from leaking into the bay. they see the boat owners have been notified. look what
9:49 am
happened in the storm to that section of highway one, this is a big star. it was closed up because of this, this happened in the last storm. imperial how to be closed out the the middle of april. they awarded the contract $2.5 million contract to an oakland based company. they will stabilize what's left of the roadway. this is not the big sur, 50 mi. of carmel. >> mark: we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
9:50 am
9:51 am
9:52 am
>> mark: welcome back to the kron 4 news. the first year showers are moving onto the bay area couple showing up around, san francisco should
9:53 am
be getting wet surely. -- lee. it will be wet, windy overnight, tomorrow we have a fairly decent storm maybe not quite as strong as his are the weekend rain and wind into wednesday and thursday another wet weekend, a few shares expected sunday and monday. >> darya: cleanup of and the can and is now under under way, stanley roberts has more. >> stanley: ito to buy weed keep you in the lip with this homeless encampment near communications tel. located next door to these comes, people living in rodding food, trash piling up. apparently the place and a cleanup crew of arrived. >> san jose police came and told us we can't be here
9:54 am
because the people up there are complaining. i don't know what they're complaining about, we keep to ourselves. i don't make no noise. >> stanley: the dog he's referring to is that pickle the neighbor said lived in the caymans. he was just a myth and to allow. thomas and jennifer live here with a few other people but now they're packing up to move. >> they to me to pick up my garbage. >> stanley: some of the trash has been removed. the word is the crews will be back to finish any leftover work. like what's under the overpass where a brand new mattress has made its way. the people i found them to have no knowledge of the cleanup, for them it's business as usual. whenever the case, i asked thomas and
9:55 am
jennifer what their plans are? they said they will follow the tracks to find a new home. i asked why not just go to a shelter? after all it's only a block away? most said there's no privacy or they're treated poorly. one note, i asked thomas how he became homeless he said a few bad choices in life. >> darya: former for all- star lance taylor has been sentenced to six years' probation officer a judge refused to allow a teenage prostitute to >> . he pleaded guilty in january to misconduct and having sex with an underage prostitutes the girl is now 17 she appeared in court. lindsay lohan stat is arrested over allegations that he held his girlfriend against her well preventing her from falling 911.
9:56 am
authorities in los angeles say lindsay lohan's father has been arrested over allegations he held his girlfriend against her will and prevented her from calling 911. deputies were dispatched on a domestic violence call at 9 p.m. monday to michael lohan's apartment. the 51-year-old was booked for investigation of preventing a report of victimization, false imprisonment and infliction of corporal injury on a cohabitant, all felonies. >> mark: skerries price is due in july from a baby baby spices also expecting a baby. victoria deck them is due in july nowhere is that girls plan to start a group of many mes. hbo says is a miniseries said dick cheney in the works in will be based on the dark side. as long as the but engler the vice-president see. >> darya: we have another hour of the kron 4 morning news including the latest set of libya in japan. >> mark: watching bay area weather as well. a fairly
9:57 am
quiet day. dow jones is down 11 points. we'll be back in two minutes with james.
9:58 am
9:59 am
>> justine: of stories a landslide has left residents of one bay area neighborhood dropped their on able to leave the area details coming up. developing story piloted the eject button after their plane goes down in libya. an update on their conditions. >> darya: workers have reconnected power lines to all six units at the crippled navicular plant in japan. >> james: louisa is standing
10:00 am
by with a look at the storm that's on the way. >> louisa: we had a bigger break we have showers earlier right now it dry, a few clouds out there showing the weak fed action see some showers pop up. light showers this morning is the heavy stuff that moves through as we head into the overnight hours. gusty winds would this neck system. along the coast and in the house. storm tracker 4 assuring all of that weather sitting offshore breaking on into the north bay of mount point reyes as you sprinkles pick up in the peninsula we do have a winter storm warning in effect around 7:00 p.m. it last till early in the morning, snow levels are pretty low down to about 3,000 ft. could even drop to 2,500 ft. 1-2 ft. of snow above that 7000 for level and a foot of snow below that heavy snow, wind could
10:01 am
create problems in terms of avalanches in the high country. a few sprinkles to the north bay, along the peninsula by your evening camion you probably will need your windshield wipers. picking up and intensity in the overnight hours, 11:00 notice how active it is all of this yellow sur's moderate heavy downpours at time as we had to be after noon. heavy rain coming down in the early morning hours on your wednesday. a series of storms sort of line that the first one will settle over the area. a series of storms behind that they could produce wet weather to the work week. napa, san francisco a degree to warmer than that. set bay up to 60 and places like san jose. wet weather straight on to their work week, heavy
10:02 am
rain, strong winds. we have in other wet weekend ahead of us. we have a one hot spot your ride in the northbound direction we had a couple of earlier accidents as low as a few stalls. one involving a big break that was blocking the stalls. taking a look at that back that stretches of red and yellow, at speeds down to 17 mi. an hour. if you're heading up to the bay bridge westbound 580 looks to be a bigger route. you can certainly see the end for the westbound ride and drive time of a 11-truck minutes. but the upper james lick, traffic is flowing freely.
10:03 am
>> justine: 25 homes remain cut off after a landslide blocked the road yesterday craig sklar has the latest. >> reporter: this shows just how challenging it will be to reopen the road after a landslide chapter 25 homes, 57 people. authorities say what you see here is the road system moving to have to wait for to stop. >> we have to wait for an assessment on the side. if they will remove it or let it stabilized. >> reporter: these homes are closed off the only option is a narrow trail they made themselves. >> to run a pretty good situation we have one car upside. i'm worried from the people at the help. some of them are elderly, some may have medical issues. >> reporter: authorities
10:04 am
say rain is most likely to blame. more rain is expected to make this solution weeks away. >> james: a u.s. official says both the crew of an f- 15 fighter jet that crashed in libya are safe and back in american hands. the official, speaking tuesday on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak on the record, said a marine corps osprey search and rescue aircraft retrieved the pilot. he says the second crew member, a weapon's officer, was recovered by libyan rebel forces and is now in u.s hands. the crash occurred after what the military says was an equipment malfunction. we have video to show you of what appears to be an attack on civilians.
10:05 am
>> that was the video that surfaced yesterday it was reportedly taken about two hours east of tripoli. we haven't confirmed when or who is responsible for this explosion. >> justine: safety officials say a pull for storing spent fuel is heating up with temperatures reaching the boiling point the high temperatures are believed to be the cause of steam that has drifted since yesterday. the hot storage pool is another complication and bringing the plant under control. if the water in pool balls away exposing fuel rods more radiation would then be thrown off. work crews turned after being evacuated they've now connected parlance of six units restoring power to those units will interior power at the maze of the
10:06 am
motors, bells, switches that help deliver cool water to the reactor cores. more than 500 family members who voluntarily left japan have been arriving today in fairfield all on chartered military flights. they met with representatives will help them with lodging, travel arrangements. we spoke with one of the passengers and asked her why she evacuated. >> i'm not a military wife, i've never had to leave my husband. but more for the peace of mind for parents. i think they're more concerned than we are. personally, we felt safe still being there. but, if this gives our loved ones more peace of mind that is worth the time away. >> justine: the first flight arrived earlier this morning
10:07 am
we're told that a second slate should arrive sometime this afternoon. >> james: lawmakers are calling on california utilities to delay efforts to read license and nuclear power plant until they get a true picture of the risk posed. lawmakers questioned whether the utilities had been dragging their feet in conducting the steadies pacific gas and electric company has applied to renew its license to operate the two reactors. the lessons expires in 2022, a they have yet applied to renew that plant. they make a total of toll%. >> justine: we'll show you some crazy video of last angeles. here's a live look from our roof camera
10:08 am
beautiful beal's guys, rain is on the way. we'll have your forecasts we come back.
10:09 am
10:10 am
10:11 am
>> james: welcome back to the kron 4 news. we have been falling the markets all morning long it has been up and blow the neutral line rain now were down 16. looks like the other industries are negative. nasdaq and 8.8. >> justine: jerry brown or lease the message but that billion dollar budget deficit, here is the public to ask lawmakers to allow voters to decide on the income, vehicle, cells taxes he says that will help close the budget gap. they began a new week of budget negotiations even as they admit that little progress and how to address of the remainder of the state's shortfall. >> darya: and new field poll finds that california voters
10:12 am
favor his job performance, it shows 40 percent of voters approve of brown's job. 21 percent disapprove, one-third said they had no opinion. only 25 percent of republicans approved. they surveyed about 900 registered voters. >> justine: coming up will let you know what's happening weather was some big systems moving our way. traffic seems to be moving just fine america will have a full look at your hot spots when we come back.
10:13 am
10:14 am
10:15 am
(music) >> louisa: welcome back to the kron 4 news. tetchy a bit of a break from the wet weather but we're just trying to watch a few cells pressure on shark rain now we have a cell working its way through the beach, and toward san rafael, very late
10:16 am
sprinkles this morning. of sure you can see a couple of cells of the peninsula. right now we're staying dry, staying that way for a good portion of the day as we head towards the afternoon the wet weather moves in, snow. would your storm warning in effect rate and through friday morning this is a long series of storms pushing through. fairly low snow levels. to even drop down to 2,500 ft. 1-2 ft. of snow. even a foot below that. heavy snow coupled with the really dusty wind could actually create a problem. rainout, as we head towards the afternoon a few sprinkles will move in. by evening commute it will be a wet one. by about 11:00, but it
10:17 am
cannot storm system is expected to impact us widespread moderate-heavy downpours even pretty testy when this will continue into wednesday morning fairly active system. tapering off, more showers for the rest of the day. satellite, radar a series of storms sitting in the pacific. the latest expected to center its way over the state as we head towards the overnight hours. a wet weather pattern stretching rate to the week. down in assets bay, 60 degree mark in san jose, oakland, hayward. 57 in livermore. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. another active week ahead of us by saturday, sunday not as strong as the rain expected to move inland mid- week. still expecting a chance of rain to continue
10:18 am
into next week. >> erica: another hot spot on our traffic maps in the westbound direction of highway 4. the traffic moving to antioch in pittsburgh. we have been incidents free for the past couple of hours we did have an earlier multi vehicle accident for an hour or two blocking some of the lanes. that is long gone but slowing go conditions persist. if this is your commute allow yourself a lot of extra time. no other hot spots, traffic is picking up. that can be set free ride to and from, live look at the westbound 92 lots of space and no problems, a drive times of 14 minutes. conditions in walnut creek are have been proved. into
10:19 am
and out of walnut creek, it just castle's main street looks good. if you're taking westbound too far it's a clear shot through the caldecott. >> justine: thornhill drive remains close this morning as engineers continue to assess the damage caused by a very large mud slide. people who live there are telling us they have seen small sides before but nothing that is our blocked traffic. once the hillside is deemed safe that's when clinton can begin. they're looking at close to an overflow. some of the ss
10:20 am
rotterdam will become ground water. most were become wasted. >> james: yosemite national park is shut down because of last week's storm. the block their parlance, highway 41, when 20, when 40 closed there were about 200 visitors their rear graduated. the weekend storm to drop more than three and a half feet of snow in just 24 hours. officials are not sure when the roads will be reopened. a section of highway one that was closed last week is expected to remain closed throughout april. they will stabilize what's left of the crumbling
10:21 am
roadway. this was the scene a little further cell along highway 1 near malibu. chirac by a garbage truck. you can see what the result was. the geysers, 60 ft. in the air at times. traffic was backed up for miles. for rwanda's time they're trying to shut out the water because of all water on the road way in made it very hard. we thought we'd grab that venture with you. >> justine: a live look here at the bay bridge toll plaza on this tuesday morning, looks likely little bit about back up but traffic seems to be doing ok we'll get a full report coming up. first, kron4 is baseball's special airing this saturday night. " baseball by the
10:22 am
bay " the pre bulk a preview of what is happening with the giants. the show is this saturday at 8:00 p.m. right here on kron4.
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10:25 am
>> james: welcome back to the kron 4 news. reopening the san pablo campus five days set of current mortgage, of class's had been canceled since there's the morning. an average of 10,500 students attend, if your service as on friday. >> justine: strong winds are the reason that at least 12 but broke loose in richardson day and early sunday morning, one of this poses on their side here. it ran aground across the water the coast guard has put booms across to motorboats that when i drive to. they
10:26 am
city honors have been notified and they're working to remove the vessels. >> james: we come back louisa has a full look at your forecasts we equate a week of wet weather ahead.
10:27 am
10:28 am
>> james: welcome back to the kron 4 news. and live the carrot of heavenly as the key to the conditions more on the oas series of storms that will bring us rain. and all of that lovely powder. we are also tracking the latest at this santa cruz, 25 homes remained at off after an earlier landslide. you can see the entire array is cut off. >> reporter: a landslide shut off the road and the 25 on the other hot side. you
10:29 am
can see it is just as barricaded on the other side it happen late monday morning. they're no closer declaring it out. it will be a challenge to get this out of the way this is heavy rock. authorities say they have to wait until the slide fully stabilizes before doing anything. we're waiting for them to come out and given this assessment. for the people living appear this fall footpath is the only thing. >> we have one kerbside sir in good condition. i'm worried about the people of the help. >> reporter: of the rain is likely to cause with more rain to come solving this rain is likely to be a major
10:30 am
challenge. >> justine: catching a little bit of a break from the rain, let's find out more with louisa. >> louisa: we do have some more rain expected to move in today we're catching a bit of a break. -is us some light chars earlier there's potential for light showers still the occasional pop up shower. this is really late today there will see the most active weather kick in. your storm tracker 4 for decile case of just sitting offshore watching a few cells working their way through if you see any reason at all it will be very late in nature. some cells sitting on shore up its and not sitting dry. we have a storm warning in effect, look california last until 5:00 in the morning. we have a long stretch of
10:31 am
what weather ahead of us. still levels are really low. we are talking about one-2 ft. of snow above that 7,000 ft. level. that snow is continuing to pile up in the ski resort. when the really heavy snow, strong winds there's potential for avalanche danger. future cast, to a car, known as a few sprinkles open to the north bay. watch as we head towards leader your evening canyon looks to be a wet one. you'll probably needs your windshield wipers more widespread we're talking about moderate-heavy downpours not just in one area but in the north bay, a peninsula. pretty active weather expected to continue into here wednesday. we have a series
10:32 am
of storms lined up in the pacific. once the storm passes through with another one behind that. pretty heavy rain, wind moving in by friday tapering off still continue to keep that threat of what weather radar around till the weekend. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. showing you what we can expect a looks like you'll need to keep those umbrellas out rate on to their work week even into the weekend. chances start to back off by sunday, monday. potential of rain lasting. >> erica: still tracking your ride, just one of the phone this slowdown is due to police action that happened that the 9:00 hour of traffic was held. the lanes were blocked for a couple of minutes. you can
10:33 am
see that back up still exists. if you're making your way in the westbound direction simply allow yourself just a little bit of extra time up there. bay bridge, no problems, no word on whether not the meeting lights are still active. no longer tracking any delays from the short freeway. done in assets bay no hot spots, clear conditions a live look rainier trembled the liquors. you can see the camera and shaking around ever so slightly. the good news is we've cleared up back up from the 87 interchange. very good track time of 14 minutes from this camera shot. >> justine: thank you, a u.s. official says both the crew of an f-15 fighter jet that crashed in libya are safe and back in american hands. the official,
10:34 am
speaking tuesday on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak on the record, said a marine corps osprey search and rescue aircraft retrieved the pilot. >> reporter: mechanical fairly cast across the jet to crash. the pilot and weapons officer ejected safely. the jet was based of england part of a mission. the leader says gaddafi to declare a cease-fire is fighting rebels in the key city. >> very, very heavy artillery. we're overrun. >> reporter: retired u.s. army general says it will take more than air strikes to remove the gaddafi from power. >> this is about the departure it clearly is, you don't do that with the no- fly zone. >> reporter: allied forces
10:35 am
have caused civilian casualties something u.s. defense secretary denied. the vast majority if not nearly all civilian casualties have been affected by gaddafi. most of our targets, virtually all are isolated, non populated areas. >> reporter: the united states said it would like to hand over leadership of the mission but it is unclear who would take the reins. >> james: also: latest with the federal perjury trial of barry bonds. the resume to hours ago, opening statements have been going on for a little while. i want to read to the latest. the federal part of sears says it's ridiculous and unbelievable that he thought he was taking arthritis train when his trainer gave him steroids. he's delivered
10:36 am
opening statements for the prosecution in what is a long-awaited trial. it is finally getting under way. he went on to say that bonn's slide to the grand jury even though they promised not to prosecute for grand jury. he said he never knowingly lied to the grand jury. legal analyst michael cardozo skills as a creek timeline of how the trial will play out. >> 8:30 a.m. she will read the instructions, opening statements will probably be half an hour-30 minutes. and the defense will then make their opening then i believe she will bring terry anderson and as camera are you willing to testify? she is going to tell him know. she will send him to jail for the length of this trial. keep the mind is very spend 13 and a half months
10:37 am
in jail that's more than anyone so far that has been charged for any of these a steroid related cases. >> justine: stay with us for their latest on the barry bonds trial. faced with fines and other penalties for missing a march 15 deadline, pg&e has asked the california public utilities commission for additional months to verify that its pipelines are being operated at safe pressures. some documentation won't be available until the end of the year, pg&e said in a request for leniency it filed with the puc on monday. pg&e missed the march 15 deadline, the fines could exceed $1 million a day. >> james: the jared loughner era will undergo a mental competency exam that decision was made by a judge in will take place in a facility in springfield.
10:38 am
>> erica: still ahead l. leggett people behaving badly and here's a live blood at side at the san mateo bridge. plus your weather forecast, rate now is 1t back..
10:39 am
10:40 am
10:41 am
>> justine: update and a homeless encampment. cleanup is now under way. now, here is stanely roberts, with some people behaving badly. >> stanley: i told you that i would keep you in the loop with this homeless encampment. located next to one of these homes people living in bad conditions rotting food, a trash piling up. they start the process test of removing the garbage. they came, they
10:42 am
told us we cannot be here. >> people love their complaining. i don't know what they're complaining about we keep to ourselves. avedon the disembark. >> stanley: this is the pit bull the neighbors said live in the can and until now he was just a minute. , jennifer live here with a few other people but now they're packing up to move. some of the trash there was there, has removed. this is where look like before, this is what a look like after. word is that they will be back to finish and the leftover work like what's under the overpass where brand new mattress still in the plastic bag has made its way. the people i found living here have no knowledge of the cleanup, for them is business-usual. whatever the case, i asked
10:43 am
thomas and jennifer what their plans are? they said they will follow the tracks to find a new home. i asked a few people why not go to a shelter? after all, it's only a block away. most said there's no privacy, where they're treated poorly. one final note i asked how he became homeless his response was a few bad prices and light. >> james: if you have a comment or a story idea you can email stanely at m. a live look at side, we will be right back..
10:44 am
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10:47 am
>> james: welcome back to the kron 4 news. developing new set of castro valley we
10:48 am
have word of a police officer possibly injured in a police chase them ended in the not so pleasant way. on the phone with us is the sergeant. good morning. >> caller: good morning. >> james: what happened? >> caller: and haven't in 75808 then exited that fell and continued into the city of hayward. at some point the suspect vehicle went ahead and and could narrow tracks. made some pretty firm movements, tried to collide with the patrol vehicle at this point both ended up colliding with the house. --a house. the
10:49 am
officer sustained minor- moderate injuries. the suspect fled his vehicle and was taken into custody. >> james: where does the investigation go from here everyone involved is in custody? >> caller: that is correct. there's been some evidence in the vehicle and on him, they're continuing hayward pd is their care. stabilizing the scene. my officers three years on the job, minor, moderate injuries and looks like he's trying to be ok. >> james: thank you, we'll have more on this story if it does continue to develop. >> louisa: what star to the
10:50 am
day catching a better break, still love to sing a couple a pop-up showers. storm tracker 4 for issuing much of the weather sitting offshore for the most part we're in the drive. any wet weather will be very light. eocene a few spotty showers along 101, along san rafael. along highway 4 we have a cell. other than that we're in the drive. winter storm warning in effect from at 7:00 tonight hall all the way through to friday morning fairly low snow levels getting down to 500 ft.. one for this no less
10:51 am
than that 7,000 ft. level. the concern is certainly about avalanches. simply be careful. future cast, a few sprinkles into the afternoon, nothing to heavy. it looks like it will probably be be a wet 1, if you're driving you will need your windshield wipers 8:00, it starts to thicken up will see things intensified. 11:00, heavier downpours here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. one day after another of have a chance, strong winds. shares continued to friday. saturday, sunday. --showers. >> erica: and in the hour tracking the hot spot, the slow going the ec industry,
10:52 am
it shut down all lanes for a couple of minutes. no wonder blocking any of the lanes, and looks like any activity sitting off to the shoulder rain now. take a look at the red, yellow, speeds are down to 70 mi. an hour. if your heading westbound tour in yet, pittsburgh allow yourself extra time. no other hot spots to track. walnut creek, southbound moving well. last time retracted as a hot spot was that the 8:00 hour. no problems. westbound 24 is booming at the limit. crosstown freeways problem free, the 10180 split looks good. drive times korea of 17 minutes. >> justine: two wild fires have forced the evacuation orders for 100 homes west of denver. it is currently 15
10:53 am
percent contained. a light dusting of snow fell atop the hills over night. the weather has been mostly working against firefighters. a strong winds, are not helping things, they're more strong winds and the forecast wind gusts as high as 75 mi. per hour. >> james: we have a baseball special coming for you this saturday gary will host " baseball by the day " to with a preview of the giant and the a's. all of that for you coming up on saturday 8:00 p.m.. right here on kron4.
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>> justine: a broken glass window in times square is being fed after chris brown had a violent outburst on it
10:57 am
morning america. reports say he was asked several times about his assault case. after the interview and allied performance on the show he reportedly stormed into his dressing room smashing a window with the chair. workers called security he was scheduled for second performance but he ripped off fisher, leaving the building he was sentenced to probation and community service. >> james: wow! anchormen this ring cash crisis and its future. --anchored management. authorities in los angeles say lindsay lohan's father has been arrested over allegations he held his girlfriend against her will and prevented her from calling 911. deputies were dispatched on a domestic violence call at 9 p.m. monday to michael lohan's apartment. the 51- year-old was booked for investigation of preventing a report of victimization, false imprisonment and infliction of corporal injury on a cohabitant, all felonies. bail is set at $200,000. authorities say the girlfriend refused treatment for minor injuries, but michael lohan was taken to a hospital after booking for a medical condition unrelated. we will
10:58 am
be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
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